I Hear The Music, The Colors In Me

Strobe yourself!

SHOGUN KUNITOKI – „Vinonaamakasio”, un EP care vine sub forma de vinil cu doua animatii ce pot fi vizionate la lumina stroboscopica.  BYOB!

Ma gandesc ca n-am vorbit deloc aici despre muzica psihedelica din Finlanda, unde e o scena experimentala destul de creativa. Si nu pot incepe decat cu Pekka Streng, acest Dorin Liviu Zaharia al nordului.

I found a gate inside me
that was almost invisible
when I am ascending now slowly through it
I see the world in a quite different way

Oh, now I see the beautiful colors
and hear the brighter voices !
I am going away from the soundless gaves
I am leaving behind the hanging shadows

Something is radiating and glowing
underneath the cover that might be dark
when I see it, lightly
my thoughs are moving

Our colors will drift up
and they will melt together
everyone will touch each other
everyone will reach out the dawn


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