Welcome to the Happy Hollow!

Unul din albumele aflate undeva sus pe lista de anul trecut e Cursive – Happy Hollow

Cursive sunt o trupa americana de indie, cu 5 albume la activ. Recunosc ca celorlalte nu le-am acordat suficienta atentie, de aceea nici nu ma pot pronunta in privinta lor.

Happy Hollow in schimb e unu din albumele alea ascultate si ras ascultate, de pe care imi place fiecare piesa in parte si care merge deosebit de bine in casti in drum spre scoli, dimineata. Tot timpul cand incep ziua cu albumul asta am o stare de bine pe intreg parcurul ei. Albumul „se petrece” intr-un orasel american si prezinta principiile (si lipsa lor) morale si brainwashingu locuitorilor din partea bisericii. Albumul asta e unul din preferatele mele in ceea ce priveste versurile.

„They say there was this big bang once, but the clergyman doesn’t agree, oh no /There was this big bang once, but it don’t jive with Adam and Eve /Original sin, idyllic garden /Some talking snake giving apples away /What would that snake say if he could only see us today? /Ha ha ha!” (Big Bang)

Last week a boy I taught theology /Came back in town with a new ideology /Those feelings I tucked away /Threaten the sanctuary /A lifetime of burning culminated in one innocent forbidden touch /I know this is wrong /Cause I’m taught this is wrong” (Bad Sects)

Jeanie’s been throwing up all morning, /The poor girl has been so heartsick ever since her boyfriend went to war. /Father Cole has done his best to console her girl. /Moreso than some neighbors deem necessary, /But you just can’t measure young love. ” (At Conception)

I’m not exactly a salesman, /Sure there’s a product i’m selling. /Guess you could say i’m an actor… /But acting’s not what they’re after” (So-So Gigolo)

Preview audio: Cursive – Retreat!

As putea sa exemplific cu versuri fiecare din piese, dar nu ma intind.

Alt lucru care imi place foarte mult la album e prezenta instrumentelor de suflar care dau foarte bine pe muzica foarte bouncy.


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