Yet another Björkish post

Din cand in cand mai dau cate-o tura pe site-ul oficial Björk si citesc la rubrica About&About ce are ea de spus despre lumea din jurul ei. Mai tot timpul dau peste chestii dragute 🙂

For my own music I use all available means. And I don’t draw the line anywhere, no. It can go in any musical direction, as long as I recognize it as something I did and as long as I have fun making that music. I see both Debut and Post as an account of a week of my life. A week where many different things happen, just like in real life. I want my music to be just as restless and whimsical as I am. Otherwise it would get very boring, wouldn’t it? I mean, nobody’s aggressive all the time? Or cool all the time? Or vulnerable? That’s not possible; and it isn’t possible in music either. That’s why I don’t limit myself to a single style, like many people would like me to. Because I don’t think that way. Furthermore, I get bored easily And I still have the certainty that my voice, my emotions and my lyrics are still very recognizable.

(Sursa: site oficial Björk)

Si o piesa care sa demonstreze the use of all available means: Björk – Aurora


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