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Ist das etwa der Tod?

De curand, David Lynch a fost invitat la KCRW, sa o faca pe dj-ul pentru o ora, timp in care a discutat despre cantecele care l-au marcat.

I’m going to go to Richard Strauss. We’re getting into long haired stuff now. I was in a really swank Mercedes Benz in Germany one night. Black, deep black and snow flakes the size of silver dollars coming down. And I’d been left in the car — I forget who I was with but they had gone into a building and I had been left in the car — and I turned on the radio and I heard this thing. And it thrilled my soul. This particular piece of music at that particular time, I saw in my minds eye, my four year old son coming down a flight of stairs and it made me start crying.

Richard Strauss: Vier Letzte Lieder / Four Last Songs
Gewandhaus Orchestra, Leipzig, l982

Evening’s Glow (Eichendorff)

Through trouble and joy we have
walked hand in hand;
we can rest from our wanderings
now, above the peaceful country-side.

The valleys fall away around us,
the sky is already darkening,
Only a pair of larks still rise
dreamily into the scented air.

Come here, and let them fly
For soon it will be time to sleep
and we must not lose our way
in this solitude.

O broad, contented peace!
So deep in the sunset glow,
How exhausted we are with our
can this then be death?

Im Abendroht (Eichendorff)

Wir sind durch Not und Freude
Gegangen Hand in Hand,
Vom Wandern ruhen wir beide
Nun überm stillen Land.

Rings sich die Täler neigen,
Es dunkelt schon die Luft,
Zwei Lerchen nur noch steigen
Nachträumend in den Duft.

Tritt her und laß sie schwirren,
Bald ist es Schlafenszeit,
Daß wir uns nicht verirren
In dieser Einsamkeit.

O weiter, stiller Friede!
So tief im Abendrot ,
Wie sind wir wandermüde –
Ist das etwa der Tod?

Au crépuscule (Eichendorff)

Nous avons dans la peine et joie
Marché la main dans la main,
De notre errance nosu reposons
A présent sur une terre paisible.

Autour, les vallés s’abbaisent,
L’air s’assombrit déja,
Seules deux alouettes montent
Revant dans la nuit parfumée.

Approche et laisse-les battre des ailes,
Il est bientot temps de dormir;
Que nous ne nous égarions
Dans cette slitude.

O vaste paix sereine,
Si profonde au crépuscule.
Que nous sommes las d’errer -
Serait-ce donc la mort?

Kazuki Tomokawa


Kazuki Tomokawa – Once I Stared Afar

Nu o sa spun lucruri pretentioase despre “Blue Water, Red Water”, albumul de anul trecut al lui Kazuki Tomokawa (友川 かずき). Cert este ca acest artist e enorm de subestimat de toti care se invart prin muzica probabil datorita profunzimii si texturii baroce a cantecelor.

Acesta e unul din momentele in care imi doresc sa inteleg japoneza. Iata cateva versuri traduse:

“Ikiterutte Ittemiro”

A filthy, sodden towel tied
Around your waist, dawdling home
It’s not like you’re dead yet
Pausing in front of your own house
Summoning the courage to open the door
It’s not like it’s hell inside

Go on, try saying you’re alive
Go on, try saying you’re alive
Go on, try saying you’re alive

Loneliness, kindness, and suffering
The painful melodrama of this world…
It’s not like it’s a slaughterhouse
Hippies, street kids, beggar kids
Dabbling in the ecstasy of grief
It’s not like you’re a cripple

Go on, try saying you’re alive
Go on, try saying you’re alive
Go on, try saying you’re alive

Dreams and reality dangling
Tears and loneliness your companions
It’s not like you’re a voiceless doll
With your long hair and your affected cool
Where’s the depth of your roots?
It’s not like it’s a tombstone

Go on, try saying you’re alive
Go on, try saying you’re alive
Go on, try saying you’re alive


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